Tuesday, August 5, 2008

We apologize to our readers...

A few days ago, we received an email with the news article below. In our haste to be the first source to break this story, we posted without verifying any of it's claims.

We have since received an email from Larry Sinclair stating he is very much alive and well. He forwarded us an email from the Mayor of Duluth that states that all quotes attributed to him below are false.

We here at Eagle of Freedom Media hold ourselves to a higher standard than the MSM, so as of this moment, we immediately retract the fake story of Larry Sinclair's death. In the meantime, we will leave it up as an example to all the depths to which the Probama media will plunge in order to discredit the true patriots of this country.

While we are happy that Mr. Sinclair is still alive and support his efforts to get the truth out about Barack Hussein Obama, alas we must condemn his lifestyle. While we understand why other Nobama blogs support his cause, we here at Eagle of Freedom media refuse to suddenly turn Sinclair into some sort of Internet folk hero. Mr. Sinclair is a drug user, an unrepentant homosexual, pervert, and lisping welfare leech whose criminal past is consistent with people of that sort of character and ethics. Many of us at Eagle of Freedom Media have either been in the military or have had loved ones who have served and I assure you, none of them faced Nazi bullets at Normandy, Vietcong assaults at Khe Sahn, or risked being blown up by IED's in the sands of Iraq so that people like Sinclair could have the freedom to perform their dispicable sex acts. Such people should be glad they live in a country like the United States where their lifestyle is at least tolerated. Their sick lifestyles would not be as tolerated in countries like Iran or Saudi Arabia.

But this is beside the point. We have published inaccurate information and hereby wash our hands of any of the claims made in the article. The person who forwarded it to us has hereby been banned from our mailing list to ensure that we do not have a Probama plant in our midst.

If you have any questions or concerns, please direct them to Eagle.of.Freedom88@gmail.com


ZeN said...

Ah well.
Better luck next time.

Gumby said...

Despite Larry Sinclair's crazy claims and lies, his largest group of detractors is NOT an Obama support team. We who post at http://themitchandnanshow.com/ are truthseekers and most of us originated from Larry's blog. We actually wanted to believe his story about Obama. We simply put two and two together and realized Larry is a professional scam artist and liar.

bongoman said...

So Sinclair is now "a true patriot"?

And as Gumby says, if you look at the posts at the link he mentions, there is almost zero talk of presidential politics. It is purely about shining a light on the scammer and con-man Sinclair.

True patriot my ass.

flowbee said...

Wow, the fact that you even bought that faux article is pretty telling.

That thing is a propaganda screed. So many mis truths and out right lies it defies belief that you actually thought it was real.


citizenwells said...

Have you researched the Larry Sinclair allegations?
I have.
Larry Sinclair is no longer a drug user. He has also been open about who he is and his past.
I have spoken to Larry on many occasions and he has been consistent, open and honest with me.
Furthermore, for those ex and current military. Sinclair has put his life on the line for his
I have been doing the job of reporter and not God.
This would be a suggestion for you.
Citizen Wells

Gumby said...

Yeah, what a fine upstanding citizen Larry is.

He's currently under indictment for (another) felony in Delaware. Next court date, Aug 11th at 1:45pm, Wilmington Delaware.

He also has an unresolved open warrant for his arrest in Pueblo County, Colorado....


Yeah, this lowlife bottomfeeder is real credible, allright. That's why MSM has totally ignored him to date.

Citizen Wells should choose his butt buddies more carefully.

ZachJonesishome said...

I don't understand how when you make such big error in your reporting, you feel the need to go out of your way to insult Mr. Sinclair. He has made mistakes in his past and has owned up to them. I would suggest that his credibility is certainly better Senator Obama.

Anonymous said...

mitchandnanshow morons playing their adolescent hijinx again. yawn.........grow up gumby, you've become such an inside joke. lol

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