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Found this from our friends at Freedom News...


Scott Harman (Freedom News) August 3rd, 2008. Duluth. Prominent Obama critic Larry Sinclair has been found dead in his apartment early Sunday morning. The death was initially ruled to be a suicide. However, investigators changed the status of the death to a "probable homicide" due to the odd angles of the bullet wound, which would have been impossible for a man to inflict on himself.

"Mr. Sinclair's death was initially ruled a suicide," said Deputy Chief of Police Brian Carney. "However, upon further investigation we found tiny scratches in the metal on the lock to Mr. Sinclair's apartment. They are consistent with the marks made by a lockpicking device."

Deputy Chief Carney also stated that his decision to change the status of the Sinclair's death from "suicide" to "probable homicide" has prompted a flurry of phone calls to his office. While several of them did not openly identify themselves, it was heavily insinuated that the calls were coming from high-ranking members of Obama's election committee.

"None of them have threatened me outright," Carney states. "Mostly, they have stated that the department and myself included will be subject to great 'personal embarrassment' if we didn't conclude the investigation in this case as quickly and quietly as possible."

Carney also stated that he would not let these phone calls influence the investigation.

Messages left with Obama's national campaign office have not been returned. Duluth Mayor Don Ness, who acts as the co-chair to Obama's campaign in Duluth has responded, saying that none of the calls to the Deputy Chief of Police have originated from the Obama campaign or the Mayor's office, dismissing questions about it as "paranoia" and "just a stupid conspiracy theory."

The Larry Sinclair scandal began in January 2008, with Sinclair publicly asserting that he had a homosexual sex and used illegal drugs with Obama back in 1999. In June of this year, at a conference at the National Press Club, Sinclair released his cell phone records from that time (which showed several calls to a cell phone number used by Barack Obama during those dates), as well as describing physical features of Obama's genitalia.

Despite this evidence, the Obama campaign has been able to convince the mainstream media that Sinclair's claims are "unsubstantiated". Sinclair volunteered to take a polygraph examination that found Sinclair to be showing signs of deception. However, at least ten polygraph experts have examined the methodology used on Sinclair and have rated the test to be either "highly flawed" to "completely unusable". It was also revealed that the site administering the test,, had been given an undisclosed sum of money from the Obama campaign in order to discredit Sinclair's allegations.

Besides a rigged polygraph test, the Obama campaign has also used viral internet tactics to smear Sinclair's reputation, alleging that Sinclair had a long rap sheet of check fraud charges, and attacking the nature of Sinclair's disability. Since 2001, Sinclair has been drawing Social Security Disability benefits for a back injury he suffered at work. In the month before Sinclair's alleged suicide, the Social Security office had suddenly decided to cancel Sinclair's benefits and demanded repayment of all funds paid out to him from the fund.

"This sort of sudden removal of a person's benefits rarely happens," stated a high ranking official within the Social Security administration (speaking on the condition of anonymity). "I saw during the Clinton years where people drawing benefits would have their cases audited or their benefits removed as a way of putting political pressure upon opponents. But this is the first time I've seen such pressure being applied before a person is even in office."

Sinclair's death is just the latest in a series of suspicious deaths that surround Barack Obama and his associates such as Antoin Rezko and the Rev. Jeremiah Wright. The Obama campaign has dismissed such allegations in the past as "just vicious Internet smears", but there is increasing body of evidence that proves that Obama is related, at least indirectly, to at least some these deaths.

Residents of the apartment building Sinclair lived in were shocked at the furor surrounding his death. "I liked Obama," said Sara Jackson, who lived next door to Sinclair. "I planned on voting for him. However, now that I see what he's capable of, I don't feel comfortable with him being our president. In fact, the idea of him becoming president now scares me."


Susan said...
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Luvina Barboza said...
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Gumby said...

You have to realize that "news article" contains a lot of reaffirmation of Larry Sinclair's wild, unsubstantiated claims. It had to be written by a Larry Sinclair supporter.

Also, Larry Sinclair is a self-admitted extremely liberal, gay man who has admitted trafficking in drugs and illegal aliens.

Are you sure you want to promote this guy?

Go to and get the whole truth background on this ex-con. For example, he's spent a total of 14 years in prison for fraud, forgery, theft, assualt, etc.

You're not doing yorself any favors by supporting this flamer.

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