Friday, February 5, 2010

Ending "Don't Ask Don't Tell" isn't just wrong, it is dangerous for our troops.

Last week, President Barack Hussein Obama reiterated his intention to end the "Don't Ask Don't Tell" policy in the Uniform Code of Military Justice. I will give credit to Obama: I agree with him on this. Don't Ask Don't Tell should be overturned. It should be overturned and every soldier should be explicitly asked what their sexual orientation is. And every soldier that admits to or is caught practicing homosexuality should be subject to an immediate dishonorable discharge and be billed for the amount of money the military used to train them. In the more egregious cases, they ought to be charged with treason.

Why is that? Because homosexuality directly impacts the safety of our troops in a war zone.

Setting aside the obvious problems of dissent in the ranks and morale amongst the soldiers should homosexuals be allowed to cavort openly inside the military (and recent polls have stated that up to a quarter of those currently enlisted in the military would quit if gays were allowed to openly serve), we must understand the religious aspect of this. It is a oft stated smear that Christians hate homosexuals. That is not true. We do not hate the homosexual. We hate his sin. We pity them for their life of AIDS and anal sex. Christians are said to be homophobic, which means a fear of gay people. We are absolutely not homophobic. I have never met a gay person that has ever been able to intimidate me.

But while Christianity is the most tolerant and forgiving religion God has ever blessed on this planet, the same cannot be said of the hordes of Islam. Has everyone forgotten we are at war with pure hate? Homosexuals hate Christ, but we forgive them. But Muslims hate homosexuals and are commanded by the moon god Allah to behead them on sight.

If the Islamic world, which we are currently trying to free from the hate of their religion, knew that we were actively sending homosexuals into their countries, they would fight all that much harder. As homosexual soldiers would start molesting their children, the jihadists would kill our soldiers in retaliation, which would put their comrades blood on the hands of the Gay Agenda.

Speaking of blood, war is a nasty business. Soldiers have to fight in mud and dirt, and often times in the blood of their fallen comrades. Imagine a soldier, splattered in the AIDS infected blood of one of these homosexuals who joined the army just so he could be around more men. That homosexual would be condemning his fellow soldiers to a life of AIDS just so they could prove a political point.

Besides which, if gays are allowed to serve in the military, a mess of so-called "partner" benefits would be sure to come next. This scam, which entitles unmarried homosexuals to bestow the benefits of military service to which ever man they are sodomizing at the moment, would cost the military billions of dollars that we don't have after Obama has bankrupted our country bailing out rich bankers and welfare mothers to lazy to pay for their own health care.

Most of all, allowing gays to serve in the military would undermine the moral fabric of our troops. The young men and women who we send to fight the fanatical terrorists would be forced to take sensitivity classes that would tell them that "gay is okay" when it clearly isn't. Our soldiers fight for the freedom of Americans and the constitution, not the freedom of gays to fist each other and spread disease.

It is well know that the majority of homosexuals are atheists, since being gay is not compatible with a Godly life. Just remember, there are no atheists in fox holes.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Anti-American film "Avatar" nominated for Best Picture!

This past Tuesday, I was saddened (but not shocked) to find out that LIEberal Hollywood had nominated the anti-American, anti-soldier, anti-capitalist diatribe known as Avatar for Best Picture of 2009. In total, it garnered nine total Academy Award nominations, an amount equaled only by The Hurt Locker, which was also anti-war propaganda directed by James Cameron's whore of an ex-wife (proving once again that liberals have absolutely no respect for the church or family values).

I first experienced the atrocity known as Avatar four weeks ago at the behest of my seven year old son, Truck, who had saturated by advertisements for the film that play nonstop on TV. Since he had been diligent about his chores and his Bible studies, I decided to treat Truck to a matinee of the film.

Three hours later, I emerged from the theater and demanded my money back for our tickets. When I pay close to thirty dollars, I expect entertainment, not Communist indoctrination. The liberal theater manager refused since we had seen the entire film. That is the last time I make a mistake of going to see the fruits of Liberal Hollywood.

For those of you were smarter than me and stayed home from this CGI equivalent to Triumph of the Will, I will summarize the plot. A paralyzed soldier, played by an actor not interesting enough for me to even Wikipedia his name, gets sent to an alien planet named Pandora that his populated by a race of long blue savages known as the Na'vi. Pandora has a material stupidly named "Unobtanium" that can be used to fuel Earth. However, it rests on a large tree that is sacred to the Na'vi. For protection, there is a garrison of soldiers to help protect the miners who stomp around in robotic power suits and large hovercraft.

This is all fine and dandy, except there is also a group of bleeding heart "scientists" on the planet who want to study and be friends with the Na'vi. To do so, they download their brains into facsimilies of the Na'vi known as Avatars. The soldier, being a genetic match for his brother who died before he could be sent on this asinine mission, takes his place and willingly becomes a blue Na'vi.

Enjoying the freedom of being able to use his legs again, the soldier quickly gets lost in the fake looking computer generated vegetation of this planet and befriends the Na'vi, predictably falling in love with one and miscegenating with one of them. In the end, he turns against his own kind and goes to war with the other soldiers on the planet, eventually killing and defeating them so he can live peacefully with his blue whore.

In the hands of competent, moral filmmakers, Avatar would be a warning against the evils of science and multiculturalism. However, this being a product of Liberal Hollywood and filmmaker James Cameron, Avatar is nothing more than a didactic Marxist screed with a pro-environment/anti-capitalist message, topped with a dollop of anti-Christian values (the Na'vi religion is a mix of pagan beliefs in the worship of the Earth that deny the sacrifice of Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior). The Na'vi cavort around semi-naked in nothing but scant loin cloths, the males as well as the females. My hand was clamped over Trucks eyes for most of the film to hide it from all the blue skin that is bared in this film (don't even get me started on the explicit sex scene they unnecessarily place in the middle of a movie that is supposedly for families).

But the most troubling aspect of the film is the end battle between the Na'vi and the soldiers. I know many liberals try to poo-poo it saying that the soldiers are actually private mercenaries, but that information is given in just a throwaway line at the beginning, and never the less does not make the fact that the audience was cheering for their deaths any less offensive.

It is well known that the left hates soldiers but knows that real Americans would turn against them if they exposed the depth of their contempt for them. So while liberals will lie and say that they care for and respect our soldiers, mention the Americans who fight and die for us working for Blackwater and they will not conceal their hatred. Just as Avatar's "mercenaries" are stand-ins for American soldiers, private security contractors are stand ins for the Left's contempt of our Heroes. No American would stand for a Maoist spitting on our soldiers like they did in Vietnam. Sadly, Americans do not recognize the similar sacrifice that contractors like Blackwater face when they return. That we do not recognize their heroism is the hidden tragedy of the War on Terror.

Sadly, in Obama's America people are scared to speak out against films like Avatar. The leftist media loves to tout how it has become the largest grossing film in history. I wonder how many of the people who bought tickets are doing so to make sure that their neighborhood commissar will not report them to Obama's brownshirts for not seeing the film. Internationally, the movie has made over 2 billion dollars, but that just speaks to anti-Americanism abroad.

Ironically, the film that Avatar overtook to be the highest grossing in history was James Cameron's Titanic, which was a Marxist display of premarital sex and class warfare. I guess Cameron is truly the "Czar of the World". He realized that what everyone wants to see is American soldiers murdered by savages rather than just making the rich feel guilty.

Personally, I wish that James Cameron would move to France, where people who hate soldiers are turned into state heroes. Oh la la!

After a long wait, the Eagle of Freedom is back!

Yes, folks. We here at Freedomeagle have returned from a long, long hiatus in posting. The reason for our absence is highly classified. Suffice it to say that we were doing a long stint of anti-terrorism consulting in a third world hell hole. Luckily, it was a lucrative gig that should finance our operation for some time going forward.

And it looks like America needs Freedomeagle more now than ever before. In the year since Barack Hussein Obama has seized the presidency, he has bankrupted the nation, eroded our civil rights, made gun owners criminals, and is attempting to put to death any person that his appointed doctors do not see as fit to live. The Obama regime is on the verge of mandating forced abortions, and giving illegal immigrants the right to vote for his blatantly Communist agenda.

Of course, you will not hear information like this from Marxists like Glenn Beck or Sean Hannity or any of the so-called pundits on Fox News, much less from blatant Stalinists like Larry King, Keith Olbermann, or Mr. Rachael Maddow. That is why it is necessary for us at Freedomeagle media to take up the reigns to get the truth out.

America was born in a revolution against tyranny, it will be freed once again in a revolution against the forces that will dilute our culture, language, money, and morality through illegal immigration and gay marriage. We here at Freedomeagle Media are your proud Tribunes for the Second American Revolution, and will provide the Truth and Context missing from the socialist mainstream media complex.

Welcome back.

And Don't Tread on Us.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Something you can do about illegal immigration.

Just received this from one of the ladies on my mailing list. Pass it a long to any one who cares about how our country's borders, language, and culture are slowly being eradicated.

My husband and I both work hard for what little we have. My husband is brave soldier in the Army and I myself work several jobs. I work as a receptionist for a dentist office and also have my own independant business through Quixtar. In addition, I also work full-time as the proud mother of three wonderful children. Raising them, I have always stressed the importance of living by the rules and having respect for laws. But it is difficult because our society tolerates those who disrespect our rules and mooch off honest taxpayers like ourselves.

Like many Americans, my husband and I are disturbed by the invasion of our country by illegal immigrants who steal the jobs of decent, hard-working Americans. It is easy to feel powerless about this since our government cares more about helping FELONS than my family. But it's not hopeless. I'd like to share an experience my family had that proves there ARE things the average citizen can do to show that we will no longer tolerate Mexican CRIMINALS in our country.

On Sundays, my husband and I take our family out to lunch after church. Our favorite place to go is usually the Applebee's but last weekend, for a change of pace, we decided to go to a Mexican restaurant that recently opened up in the shopping center next to the Home Depot. It did not take long for us to realize that we'd made a mistake...

Besides the food being extremely overpriced (it cost seven dollars for a simple beef and bean burrito!) our waitress could barely speak or understand English. It took almost five minutes for my family to order since we had to repeat what we said several times before she understood. In addition to that, she was very lazy. She was very slow whenever we wanted our chips refilled, and completely ignored us when we asked for medium spicy salsa. All three times, the stuff she gave us was too spicy for ANY person to handle. She seemed to do it just to spite us.

The salsa was in fact so hot that it gave me a stomach ache and I had to go to the restroom even before our food arrived. The door to the kitchen was right by the ladies room and as I was walking past, I noticed that all the workers inside were Mexican and speaking spanish. It also looked filthy in there and I noticed that most of the workers were handling the food with their bare hands and weren't even wearing hair nets! I even saw one of those illegal immigrants scratch their armpit before picking up a tortilla that one of my children could have eaten! My stomach lurched when I saw this.

When I returned from the bathroom, our food had FINALLY arrived, but I could barely eat any of it after the filthy food handling I'd witnessed in the kitchen. It upset me even more to know that even if a health inspector came here, this "restaurant" would be exempt from any fines since it was being run by illegal immigrants.

The bill finally came. The total came out to 52 dollars with the tax. We decided to pay cash since we were afraid of giving these people our credit cards. But when it came to figuring out the tip, I took out my pen and wrote this little note on the back of our bill:

"Our family rewards good service. We usually tip no less than 15%. Since our bill was $52, that would come out to a $7.50 tip for serving my family this Sunday.

"Your service was only so-so, but since you are obviously having problems with our language and I will give you the benefit of the doubt and give you the full 15%...

"However, I will be taking out the $14 million a year our country spends on food stamps, government assisted housing, and welfare benefits to your families...

" addition to the $20 million a year you steal from our economy to send to your families in Mexico so they don't have to work...

"...add to that the $10 million a year our school systems have to pay to educate your children, who you refuse to teach English as every immigrant in this country who entered before you has had to..."

"...and also the $200 BILLION in taxes you DON'T have to pay to support all these programs you take advantage of...

"So all told, YOU OWE US $2.5 BILLION dollars.

"But don't worry...we'll accept the $7.50 we were going to tip you as a downpayment on that massive debt. Have a nice day!"

As we left that restaurant, it occured to me that if every American did this, perhaps things could start to change. The restaurant industry is one of the main supporters and beneficiaries of illegal immigration, and if everyone started CHARGING illegals for what they steal from this country, we would send a message that we will no longer pay for their welfare, nor support the dilution of our language and culture.

So please forward this e-mail to everyone in you know. YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

The last word on this Larry Sinclair shit...

Okay...looks like Larry Sinclair is linking to us from his site and saying I'm some person named "Daniel" or "Phil Jones" or "Gumby" or some shit. We here at Eagle of Freedom media have no idea who these people are (well, some fellow named "Gumby" posted a comment to one of our blogs). Perhaps they are some of Mr. Sinclair's ex-boyfriends or fellow members of his AIDS group ("HIV and Positive!")

We here at Eagle of Freedom Media are a conservative collaborative media collective running out of Colorado who are dedicated to bring down the Obama Campaign BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY. To achieve this goal, we must sometimes make strange alliances. We have worked together with some groups such as the 9/11 Truth Movement, or Ron Paul supporters, in an effort to get the word out about Obama even though we cannot stomach the majority of their beliefs.

However, the Eagle of Freedom is not stupid enough to fall for the idea that "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" in all cases. And that is clearly the case with this Sinclair fellow, who is obviously being propped up by bitter Hillary Clinton holdouts (otherwise known as the PUMAs whose t-shirts Larry hawks on his site) who have yet to wash the sand out of their respective vaginas.

Choosing between Obama and Clinton is like choosing between Stalin and Hitler and anyone who could support either one of them is either A)a moron, or B)dangerous. And while the splintering of Obama's meager coalition is always good, let's not put ourselves out of the frying pan and into the fire. The Clinton's have a trail of bodies and rape victims behind them that makes Obama seem like relatively small potatoes (at least, for now).

In fact, we here at Eagle of Freedom media are beginning to suspect that our source may possibly be Larry Sinclair himself--or at least someone closely associated with him--as a way of propping up his unverifiable story before it slips completely off every body's radar.

So fuck our source. The address the emails came from was If that rings any bells with anyone else who has had the pleasure of coming in contact with that fat twink Sinclair, please let us know.

As for you, Larry. The Eagle of Freedom has not made any threats against you, at least up to this point. If you come to Denver for the Democratic Convention, we do threaten to sic the Pueblo police on your gay, check defrauding ass.

Enjoy the Baracky Mountain Oysters!

Here's a joke for all you loyal readers...

How do you keep a black man from raping a white woman?

Throw him a basketball.

Saturday, August 9, 2008


Since I am suspicious of my source (and my repeated attempts to get him to clarify certain bits of information have gone un-returned), I will refrain from publishing the full text of what he sent me. But I will let you in on the jist of it...

There were huge sections of Larry Sinclair's medical reports (which he provided at his June press conference) which were blacked out. My source purported to have obtained an unedited version of his medical reports which indicate that Sinclair has been HIV positive since at last 2000. Seeing as there is a lag time between HIV is contracted and when it can appear in testable levels, the implication was that Barack Obama himself may have contracted AIDS from his (alleged) encounter with Sinclair in 1999.

Several things about this story strike me as false. For one, Sinclair only claims to have had oral sex with Barack Obama. While HIV can be transmitted through oral contact, it is an uncommon occurrence. The text that my source sent me acknowledged this, but also hinted at the possibility that Sinclair could have contracted the disease from Obama himself. This is somewhat plausible, since it would be unlikely that Sinclair would be the first pervert that Obama would have cavorted with. However, the likelihood of transmission of the virus would also be very difficult unless their respective penises had been rubbed raw as a result of anal sex (which Sinclair claims didn't happen. And besides, did he go down on Obama without at least washing his genitalia of fecal matter first?)

Overall, the whole story, like the whole Larry Sinclair debacle in general is fairly unlikely. As of now, the source we used for this and previous (false) reports is now banned from Eagle of Freedom media. Don't bother sending us any more "information" on this matter...

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