Friday, August 8, 2008


Just when you think that the communist, anti-God, anti-soldier goons of left couldn't go any lower, the members of terrorist organization Recreate '68 are incensed that they will not be allowed to fling their poo at police like a bunch of fuckin' monkeys in the jungle.

Fuck that! We here at Eagle of Freedom media fully support the idea of Democratic National Convention becoming a big left wing shit fight! Wouldn't it be glorious to see Hillary Clinton, or Ted Kennedy, or if the protesters are really lucky, getting a corn-rolled turd right smack dab in the middle of Barack Hussein's from. Maybe then America would see how full of shit this Emissary of the Devil actually is.

So please, by all means, recreate '68. Remember, after the ruckus the Demon-crats stirred up, the election of the great Richard Nixon was virtually assured. Keep it up!

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Gumby said...

I can't wait to see this looney, leftwing flaming faggot go to Denver and try to cause trouble for Obama...

The Colorado Authorities are just itching for the opportunity to put the grab on that stupid fuck.

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