Wednesday, August 6, 2008


We will depart from our regular mission of exposing Barack Hussein Obama to the world for a moment to expose another band of traitors in our midst.

These asswipes of the so called Revolutionary Anti-Imperialist Movement (RAIM) have been terrorizing the people of Denver for years with their stunts. They openly hate soldiers and have burned them in effigy. One soldier on leave from his duty in Iraq was beaten so severely by a group of these communist agitators that he lost an eye and had to be discharged from the service.

The reason for their hatred (if you can call what these people think "reason") is because we don't open the doors wide open to their illegal immigrant cousins so they can steal our jobs, fill our alleyways with their feces, and squirt out illegitmate children that they will raise using our welfare dollars. These people are the reason you have to "press one for English" and why our language and culture are quickly becoming diluted by a bunch of lazy, illiterate bums.

In a way, I respect them more than Barack Hussein Obama. At least you know where they stand, where Osama and his hideous looking wife Michelle claim to love this country while in fact, they hate everything it stands for: freedom, family, Christ, and loyalty.

Still, we here at the Eagle of Freedom will not stand for these thugs to continue terrorizing the people of Denver. THIS IS WAR! YOU WILL HAVE NO SAFE HAVEN! GO BACK TO MEXICO WITH YOUR ILLITERATE COUSINS OR RUSSIA WITH YOUR COMMUNIST FAG BUTT BUDDIES!

Email RAIM at and tell them what REAL AMERICANS think of their anti-American, anti-soldier, anti-God bullshit!


Gumby said...

Here in leftwing Portland, Oregon, aka Moscow on the Willamette, we've had anarchist buttheads desicrate our U.S. Flag in public not only by burning it, but by actually deficating on it.

Had I observed that happening, the anarchist jerk would have been kicked from one side of the street to the other.

Anonymous said...

freedom eagle - thank you for bringing this to my attention. i am OUTRAGED -OOOUUUTTGTRRRAAAGGGEEEDDD goddamit! i will be the furst 2 sign up 2 defend r glorius nachon aginst terrist fucktard arrrrrghhhhhhhh....

...pfffft. you suck.

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