Saturday, August 9, 2008


Since I am suspicious of my source (and my repeated attempts to get him to clarify certain bits of information have gone un-returned), I will refrain from publishing the full text of what he sent me. But I will let you in on the jist of it...

There were huge sections of Larry Sinclair's medical reports (which he provided at his June press conference) which were blacked out. My source purported to have obtained an unedited version of his medical reports which indicate that Sinclair has been HIV positive since at last 2000. Seeing as there is a lag time between HIV is contracted and when it can appear in testable levels, the implication was that Barack Obama himself may have contracted AIDS from his (alleged) encounter with Sinclair in 1999.

Several things about this story strike me as false. For one, Sinclair only claims to have had oral sex with Barack Obama. While HIV can be transmitted through oral contact, it is an uncommon occurrence. The text that my source sent me acknowledged this, but also hinted at the possibility that Sinclair could have contracted the disease from Obama himself. This is somewhat plausible, since it would be unlikely that Sinclair would be the first pervert that Obama would have cavorted with. However, the likelihood of transmission of the virus would also be very difficult unless their respective penises had been rubbed raw as a result of anal sex (which Sinclair claims didn't happen. And besides, did he go down on Obama without at least washing his genitalia of fecal matter first?)

Overall, the whole story, like the whole Larry Sinclair debacle in general is fairly unlikely. As of now, the source we used for this and previous (false) reports is now banned from Eagle of Freedom media. Don't bother sending us any more "information" on this matter...

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Gumby said...

I think if Obama was indeed HIV positive, we'd know it by now. And, with the extremely strict and public accountability of a U.S. President's health check ups, he wouldn't have a prayer of being elected or staying in office if that were discovered.

There are plenty of ways to discount Obama from being elected, but this gay sex and drugs angle is just hokey. Obama has shown he doesn't love or care to protect our country and that's reason enough for me to not vote for him.

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