Tuesday, August 5, 2008


We here at Eagle of Freedom Media are under constant assault from legions of Obama zombies! Today we received this charming e-mail from a terrorist sympathizer called (no-shit) "Falafel Crusader"

Hey butthole of freedom. Pretty successful blog you have there. Lots of comments by your multitudes of readers.

Nice to see your email has your IQ score right there for everyone to see. I hope you enjoy life under the Obama administration because that it what will happen.

Nanny-nanny-boo-boo. Typical logic from a typical Probama zombie. Notice how Mr. "I'm Named After Some Disgusting Food That Gives Real Americans Diarrhea" Crusader doesn't really confront the logic of what we say here, he just starts out by calling us buttholes.

Our readership is slowly building. The squawk of the Eagle is already being heard from East Coast to West Coast, from sea to shining sea. It will fly until the scourge of liberalism, atheism and communism is washed clean from our land and our country is purified once again.

As for the 88...it is not my IQ. It's how many virgins I get in Heaven when I die. See? Sixteen more than your pig-religion.

(Actually, the "88" is there because just regular "Eagle of Freedom" was already taken and 88 was my high school football number. That's AMERICAN football, you terrorist jerkoffs).

But I digress...back to the mail...This is from a black activist called Suzi...

Wow. So he's a murderer now? I am laughing all the way to election day. Unbelievable. Literally. If you are e-mailing this type of rot to me, you clearly have no idea who I am. Allow me to introduce myself more properly: Suzi Q. Smith - Poet, Activist - google it, or better yet, youtube it. I cannot make myself more clear. Perhaps this will save us any further offensive conversation on the matter.

The Eagle of Freedom compiles it's mailing list from the many email forwards we receive from people all around America. The Eagle of Freedom hears the cries of mothers, fathers, truck drivers, factory workers, REAL AMERICANS FROM REAL AMERICA.

So, Ms. Suzi...I don't know how one of the Communications from the Eagle ended up in your inbox. Perhaps it was one of your pro-black/anti-white friends who sent it for you to gawk at. Or perhaps it was someone in your family or your workplace that really loves you and wants you to turn away from liberal, communist, god hating ways.

However, we never remove an email address from the Voice of the Eagle, even if it is from our enemies. This is America and as Americans I have the right to Freedom of Speech. If you don't like what the Eagle has to say, then perhaps you think about why you don't like it and question yourself and your motivations to boost liberalism.

Otherwise, learn to use your Junk Mail box...

Eagle out. Hooah.


Gumby said...

Your 88 virgins will all look like Larry Sinclair!

Gumby said...

Listen, Larry Sinclair is a looney left wing ex-con scam artist. Don't believe a word he says.

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