Friday, August 8, 2008


We here at the Eagle of Freedom have just received a message from the source of our "PROMINENT OBAMA CRITIC MURDERED" story. This one claims that Larry Sinclair was seen filling out a prescription for AIDS medication at a Duluth Walgreen's.

Because of the debacle that last story caused for Mr. Sinclair, we will not be publishing the full text at this time. However, seeing as this Obama-pig plant just doesn't realize that we are wise to him, perhaps we should string him along some just to see how far down the rabbit hole these Obama fucks are willing to go?

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Anonymous said...

Nice try Daniel, aka Phil123Jones, Gumby, et al.....

Gumby said...

Damn, I wish I could take credit for these creative notices about TurdFace, but I cannot tell a lie.

If FreedomEagle's moderator checks and compares my I.P. address with that of the originator of those emails, he will find it's not me.

But, believe as you wish. Larry learned how to perfect his lying stories while spending 14 years in prison.

James said...

How's "Hawaii", Larry? LOL

Gumby, you could have written this stuff, but I don't think you would have been as reckless as quoting real public officials on the death 'report'.

It's (just a tiny bit) sad all this fun is going to end soon with Larry.

Gumby said...

Yep, Larry will be off to jail once again very soon.

And, it sure wouldn't surprise me if he has full blown AIDS. Considering the sordid lifestyle he claims to have, it goes with the territory.

Eagle of Freedom said...

While I cannot reveal my source (as of yet, I still want to see what they plan on feeding me) I can assure you all that the email addy from Gumby is not the same one. He is not my source.

Gumby said...

Thanks for setting the record straight, Freedomeagle.

That first comment here blaming me (once again) for this story had to have been made by Larry Sinclair himself. He's to much the coward to admit it, so that's why he used "anonymous" as his name.

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