Friday, February 5, 2010

Ending "Don't Ask Don't Tell" isn't just wrong, it is dangerous for our troops.

Last week, President Barack Hussein Obama reiterated his intention to end the "Don't Ask Don't Tell" policy in the Uniform Code of Military Justice. I will give credit to Obama: I agree with him on this. Don't Ask Don't Tell should be overturned. It should be overturned and every soldier should be explicitly asked what their sexual orientation is. And every soldier that admits to or is caught practicing homosexuality should be subject to an immediate dishonorable discharge and be billed for the amount of money the military used to train them. In the more egregious cases, they ought to be charged with treason.

Why is that? Because homosexuality directly impacts the safety of our troops in a war zone.

Setting aside the obvious problems of dissent in the ranks and morale amongst the soldiers should homosexuals be allowed to cavort openly inside the military (and recent polls have stated that up to a quarter of those currently enlisted in the military would quit if gays were allowed to openly serve), we must understand the religious aspect of this. It is a oft stated smear that Christians hate homosexuals. That is not true. We do not hate the homosexual. We hate his sin. We pity them for their life of AIDS and anal sex. Christians are said to be homophobic, which means a fear of gay people. We are absolutely not homophobic. I have never met a gay person that has ever been able to intimidate me.

But while Christianity is the most tolerant and forgiving religion God has ever blessed on this planet, the same cannot be said of the hordes of Islam. Has everyone forgotten we are at war with pure hate? Homosexuals hate Christ, but we forgive them. But Muslims hate homosexuals and are commanded by the moon god Allah to behead them on sight.

If the Islamic world, which we are currently trying to free from the hate of their religion, knew that we were actively sending homosexuals into their countries, they would fight all that much harder. As homosexual soldiers would start molesting their children, the jihadists would kill our soldiers in retaliation, which would put their comrades blood on the hands of the Gay Agenda.

Speaking of blood, war is a nasty business. Soldiers have to fight in mud and dirt, and often times in the blood of their fallen comrades. Imagine a soldier, splattered in the AIDS infected blood of one of these homosexuals who joined the army just so he could be around more men. That homosexual would be condemning his fellow soldiers to a life of AIDS just so they could prove a political point.

Besides which, if gays are allowed to serve in the military, a mess of so-called "partner" benefits would be sure to come next. This scam, which entitles unmarried homosexuals to bestow the benefits of military service to which ever man they are sodomizing at the moment, would cost the military billions of dollars that we don't have after Obama has bankrupted our country bailing out rich bankers and welfare mothers to lazy to pay for their own health care.

Most of all, allowing gays to serve in the military would undermine the moral fabric of our troops. The young men and women who we send to fight the fanatical terrorists would be forced to take sensitivity classes that would tell them that "gay is okay" when it clearly isn't. Our soldiers fight for the freedom of Americans and the constitution, not the freedom of gays to fist each other and spread disease.

It is well know that the majority of homosexuals are atheists, since being gay is not compatible with a Godly life. Just remember, there are no atheists in fox holes.


Anonymous said...

"But while Christianity is the most tolerant and forgiving religion God has ever blessed on this planet."

This can not be a serious statement.

Eagle of Freedom said...

I am absolutely SERIOUS. Christians are tolerant and forgiving of sinners. Not SIN and SODOMY. I have the utmost sympathy for people experiencing the horrors of SSA. I do not condone them acting on it though.

Anonymous said...

Christianity has just as long of an intolerant and bloody history as any other religion... The Spanish Inquisition, The Crusades, The Cromwellian rape of Ireland, and Southern Protestant backing of lynching and murder in the early 20th Century just brush the surface.

Anonymous said...

It's God's place to forgive, not yours. This is why your nonsense sect is doomed. You're so busy judging others that you neglect to live your life properly.

John Lofton, Recovering Republican said...

Hope you’ll listen to my radio show on homosexuals in the military.Comments welcome.

John Lofton, Editor,
Communications Director, Institute on the Constitution
Host, “TheAmericanView” radio show
Recovering Republican

Anonymous said...


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