Thursday, February 4, 2010

After a long wait, the Eagle of Freedom is back!

Yes, folks. We here at Freedomeagle have returned from a long, long hiatus in posting. The reason for our absence is highly classified. Suffice it to say that we were doing a long stint of anti-terrorism consulting in a third world hell hole. Luckily, it was a lucrative gig that should finance our operation for some time going forward.

And it looks like America needs Freedomeagle more now than ever before. In the year since Barack Hussein Obama has seized the presidency, he has bankrupted the nation, eroded our civil rights, made gun owners criminals, and is attempting to put to death any person that his appointed doctors do not see as fit to live. The Obama regime is on the verge of mandating forced abortions, and giving illegal immigrants the right to vote for his blatantly Communist agenda.

Of course, you will not hear information like this from Marxists like Glenn Beck or Sean Hannity or any of the so-called pundits on Fox News, much less from blatant Stalinists like Larry King, Keith Olbermann, or Mr. Rachael Maddow. That is why it is necessary for us at Freedomeagle media to take up the reigns to get the truth out.

America was born in a revolution against tyranny, it will be freed once again in a revolution against the forces that will dilute our culture, language, money, and morality through illegal immigration and gay marriage. We here at Freedomeagle Media are your proud Tribunes for the Second American Revolution, and will provide the Truth and Context missing from the socialist mainstream media complex.

Welcome back.

And Don't Tread on Us.

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